Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Being a Children's Librarian.... Why I Love My Job

Random thoughts, keeping me awake at night: 

I have over $3,000 worth of books that I want to order for the library. I spend a huge chunk of time going through every single book, making sure that it's a good purchase, making sure that it's age appropriate, in the right section it should be in, then making sure all the technical details are correct on our book supplier's web page so that the book is processed correctly with the right spine label and in the right account. I love ordering books but the computer work you have to do in order to get the books to the library is really a very complicated job. I don't think anyone really knows how hard librarians really work to manage library collections unless they are a librarian themselves or work in a closely related field. 

For the non-librarians reading this, did you know that at every public library, there is at least one, if not several, librarians working incredibly hard, reading book reviews, scouring the internet for book recommendations and book lists, thoroughly reviewing award lists, and reading book review journals, all to find the best books for their community? This is often on top of helping patrons at the reference desk, answering computer questions, creating programs for patrons, and so much more!

As for me personally, I also do special programs like the Cardboard Box Challenge, Campfire Tales, Curious Kids, Preschool Pals, Lapsit Storytime, Saturday Stories & Songs, Sensory Playtime, Animal Hospital, Minute to Win It, etc. I am also a computer wizard, handing out computer passes left and right - at times 20 passes in a matter of hours. It has become insanity at the Youth Services Department, kids lining up for their turn on the computer, just to play the latest online computer game.

I also have the beautiful job of managing a play area which we recently added a light table and Magna-Tiles to. It is incredibly exciting. Kids have been begging me to see their Magna-Tile creations while the next day, gifting me with beautiful drawings they proudly made. I have a collection of lovely drawings from the many children I have worked with. I usually tape them to my workroom window to remind me of the kids who so eagerly show their appreciation.

I also get the glory of sending kids home with books they want to read, their faces beaming with excitement as they exit the library. 

Let me tell you. I do A LOT!!! It can be overwhelming, multitasking in the most unbelievable ways. But every morning, I am happy to say that I do not dread going into work. I am so lucky to have a job that brings this special type of satisfaction. Working with children is simply the best! No matter how many "To-do" lists I have running through my brain, I wouldn't trade it for the world. I am so lucky to be a Children's Librarian and feel so happy to provide services to children and families on a daily basis!

This shout out goes to all the librarians out there - even if you don't always feel appreciated, your work is important and meaningful. This is your reminder! :) 

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