Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween Songs and Books!

We presented a very large storytime downtown for our Halloween program! We had over 386 people attend! We danced to some REALLY great Halloween songs and read some wonderful books that I wanted to share!
Here are the songs we danced to:
It's Showtime by The Learning Station on the CD, Get Funky and Musical Fun with the Learning Station
This is a classic song we play at almost every Riverwalk storytime program before the show begins.
Goo Goo Ga Ga by Joe Scruggs on the CD, Traffic Jams
We presented a puppet show to go along with this hilarious song about a baby that mesmerizes a Troll and a Witch with her adorable baby speak.
Pumpkin Twist from the CD, Halloween with Victor R. Vampire & Friends
If you are looking for some fun songs that will get kids dancing and involved in the party, consider The Pumpkin Twist.
Spooky Loo on the CD, Wee Sing for Halloween
This is a really fun action song too! Here are the lyrics:
Here we go Spook-y Loo, Here we go Spook-y Light,
Here we go Spook-y Loo, All on a Hal-low-een night.
1. You put your right hand in, You put your right hand
out, You give you right hand a shake, shake, shake, And you turn your-self a-bout. Oh,
(Chorus after each verse)
2. ...left hand...
3. ...right hand...
4. ...left foot...
5. ...head...
6. ...whole self...
Tippytoes by Marcia Louis on the CD, Dancin' With Mr Bones
This is a really fun song where we went on tippytoes, went walking, marching, and running! The song speeds up as you change movements. We had signs for the words "Happy Halloween!" and "BOO!". We each held up a sign when the word was said. The children loved the "BOO" part in this song and you could tell they enjoyed participating!
Halloween Dance on the CD Golden Records Spooky Halloween Hits
This is the classic 60's hit that we ended the Halloween Riverwalk with! In this song you shake your hands like a skeleton, you put your arms up like a goblin, and dance like a fairy! It's a really great song to get kids moving.
Books we read at the Halloween on the Riverwalk:
Ghost Face based off the book, Monkey Face by Frank Asch

This was the prop story about the ghost named Casper who drew a picture of his dad. He came along and met a vampire, a spider, and other friends who had him change the picture to add something unique. For example, the vampire Capser met suggested that he add fangs to the picture. The spider suggested to Casper that the drawing was missing not one, but 8 legs! Casper added all these things to the drawing and brought it home to his dad who LOVED the drawing, just because it was made by Casper, just for him.
Go Away Big Green Monster by Ed Emberley
This is a classic book where we scare each part of the monster such as the scraggly purple hair, green monster face, etc. Kids love to yell at "GO AWAY" during this story!
Spooky Box by Mark Gonyea

This story is one of my new favorite books! We turned this book into a prop story with 1 big black spooky box decorated with spider webs and inside that box contained 2 more spooky boxes! We all read a list of different spooky things that could be inside the box such as evil puppets, a squid far from home, or snakes! We added our own ending to the song by listening to some animal sounds to give us clues as to what was inside the spooky box. Inside our boxes were a bat and a cat!

The Three Bears' Halloween by Kathy Duval

This was our puppet show this year. This story is about 3 bears who go trick or treating on Halloween. Papa Bear puts on his funny ears, Mama Bear dons a curly wig, and Baby Bear wears a black mask (in the book he wears a tiger suit but we modified it for our puppet show). Eventually Baby Bear sees a witch and yells, "Someone is a big, bad witch," but many children in our audience recognized the Goldilocks puppet under the witch's costume. The ending is when Goldilocks takes her mask off and reaveals that she isn't really a big, bad witch at all!

Happy Halloween!

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