Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Family Storytime: Apple Pie!

Hello everyone! I have not updated in quite some time because I have started a new job as a Children's Services Associate at a large public library with 3 different branches. I have also begun working on my Masters in Library Science at Dominican University so I am quite the busy lady! I have finally settled into my new job though and I am excited to share all of my programming ideas with you once again. 

Since it is October, I put together an apple themed storytime! This was presented at our Family Storytime program which allows all ages to join in although most of the books are geared towards preschoolers. This post includes stories about apples, apple trees, and apple pie (yum, yum!). Here are some ideas:

Opening Song: Raffi - Shake My Sillies Out

Book: Odd Dog by Claudio Boldt

This is a really cute story about a dog whose apples from his tree keep falling into his neighbor's yard. The dog is really worried about it because he wants all the apples for himself! Turns out, the dog's neighbor doesn't even like apples and he returns the apples to the dog. In the end, the "odd dog" ends up having a picnic for all his dog friends, sharing apple pie. I really liked this story because it also teaches children about friendship and sharing which is an important moral lesson!

Song: A.P.P.L.E. (Tune: "BINGO")
For this story, I had giant foam letters that spelled out A P P L E on our flannel board. I pointed to the letters as I sung the song. 

I know a fruit that grows on trees, 
An apple is its name, oh!
An apple is its name, oh!

In summer and in early fall
It's time to pick an apple!

It may be sweet or may be tart,
It's red, or green, or yellow! 

A McIntosh or Granny Smith, 
A Winesap or Delicious!

Make applesauce or apple juice 
Or apple pie with apples! 

Song: Way Up High in the Apple Tree by Carole Peterson
Way up high in the apple tree 
One little apple smiled at me! 
I shook that tree as hard as I could 
Down came the apple – Mmmm, it sure looks good! 
(repeat with another smiling apple)

Two little apples under the tree 
One for you, and one for me 
Two little apples, crunch crunch crunch! 

Two little apples, let's eat them for our lunch! YUM

Book 2: Apple Farmer Annie by Monica Wellington

This is a great story about a girl that picks apples and sells them at the farmer's market! I like it because it shows all the different foods you can make simply from picking apples. 

Flannel Board: 5 Apples in a Basket

The first apple in the basket was a bright and shiny red.
The second apple in the basket said, “My what a cozy bed.”
The third apple in the basket said, “Now we two are a pair.”
The fourth apple int he basket said, “Please move over there.”

The fifth apple in the basket said, “Oh dear, oh me, oh my!  This basket looks like a pastry–I think we’re in a pie!”

This flannel is super cute! I made it myself and it was a lot of fun to present. I got the idea from this Falling Flannelboard blog!

Song: Apples and Bananas by Raffi

Book: All for Pie, Pie for All by David Martin and Illustrated by Valeri Gorbachev

This is a classic book about pie!

Flannel Board: Fly Fly, Little Fly

Put the pie slices up on the board, asking children what each flavor the slice was. Then I had the children cover their eyes so I could hide the fly. Each flavor we would song together: 

Fly, Fly, Little fly, are you under the (insert flavor here) pie?

And so on until we found the fly!

Idea from Fergus Falls Public Library

Closing Song: Silly Dance Contest by Jim Gill - played with Shakers! 

At the end of storytime I had children line up for a pie or apple stamp on their hand. They really love getting stamps at the end! 

Other Books to Consider: 

Ned's New Home by Kevin Tseng

Amazing Apples by Consie Powell 

Apples and Pumpkins by Anne F. Rockwell (Good for a Halloween theme)

Apple Pie Tree

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